Angels & Fairies

Discover our enchanting collection of Angel and Fairy wholesale Christmas gifts and decorations. 

Shop symbolic guardian angels, traditional messenger angels, and the most dazzling angel wings and decorations across this seasons must-have Christmas colour trends. 

You will also find the most fabulous fairies to adorn the wholesale Christmas tree and to decorate the home this season. Shop bespoke wholesale fairy ornaments with all the feathers, sparkle and glitter you could wish for.

Each sentiment angel and fabulous fairy will make a unique addition to your Christmas collection, ensuring you’re investing in the very best products which your customers will love; providing them with the choice and quality they desire.
Almost Gone
A beautifully intricate glass angel decoration in a praying pose. Complete with balloon skirt and LED lights
# 44361
A dainty glass angel decoration with gold glitter wings, heart and halo. Complete with a silver string hanger.
# 39819
Almost Gone
A dainty glass angel decoration with silver glitter wings, heart and halo. Complete with a silver string hanger.
# 38589
An assortment of chic angel decorations with pearl wings.
# 17328
A contemporary grey concrete angel decoration with a distressed silver band and metal wings.
# 39861
An assortment of 3 wooden angel hangers with gold glitter wings and seasonal motif.
# 44503
A fine quality glass angel hanger with a textured sequin skirt and LED light up function.
# 49554
A chic and contemporary angel t-light holder with open wings and stars.
# 34300
A beautiful glass angel hanger with a balloon skirt filled with white feathers.
# 49549
A rough luxe silver and grey angel ornament with miniature stars. Complete with a distressed, washed finish.
# 49522
Pretty pink and purple fairy angel hangers with ballet shoes and faux fur dresses.
# 41094
Chic wooden angel decorations in star and tree assortments.
# 39944
A charming white mouse decoration with a silver tinsel star charm and silver tinsel star tail.
# 44386
A charming wooden angel figure with a wool body, metal angel wings and red heart motif.
# 20533
White ceramic angel wings with a printed silver Guardian angel slogan and organza ribbon hanger.
# 34405
A set of 4 chic hanging feather decorations with a white glitter finish and organza ribbon hanger.
# 27153
A stunning angel decoration with a crystal skirt, glitter wings and halo, and a glitter star.
# 48273
A chic glass angel decoration with a dotty glass skirt, holding a glass heart. Complete with gold tip detailing.
# 15469
An elegant glass angel decoration with silver glitter droplets cascading down the skirt.
# 43344
A beautiful glass angel decoration with a gold glass star and string hanger.
# 33514
A stunning glass angel hanger with a mottled balloon skirt, decorated with an ornate beaded flower design.
# 49488
A chic glass angel decoration with a silver glitter swirl skirt and feathered wings.
# 37653
This standing angel is very gentle on the eye in soft white holding a large gold star.
# 43260
A chic star hanging decoration with miniature stars and a hanging cherub angel.
# 30486
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