Discover our comprehensive collection of the most amazing wholesale Christmas baubles, available to you for wholesale and bulk purchase. Each year we handpick hundreds of Christmas baubles and Shatterproof baubles in top trending colours and designs which will appeal to a wealth of tastes and budgets. Deck the halls with wholesale baubles that exude both elegance and quaint Christmas charm. Shop vintage baubles, glass baubles and the most decadent light up baubles, offering your customers that unique gift that will become a treasured heirloom of tomorrow.
A beautiful frosted glass bauble decorated with a white and silver glitter berry branch design.
# 49494
A beautifully ornate gold and black glitter bauble with a cascading chandelier design made from sequins and beads.
# 49501
An elegant, and beautifully simple glass bauble with a colourful peacock feather inside.
# 44300
New for 2021
An elegant glass bauble with inner tubing and a subtle iridescent shimmer.
# 49490
A beautifully detailed glass bauble with glitter and beaded peacock feathers, complete with pearls.
# 44301
New for 2021
 charming rainbow shaped hanging bauble with added clouds and glitter
# 54535
New for 2021
New for 2021
New for 2021
New for 2021
New for 2021
An assortment of 3 vintage inspired glass baubles with an antique mottled finish and gold painted crowns.
# 42951
A set of silver jingle bells with star cut out details and red gingham bows. Complete with silver hangers.
# 18072
New for 2021
New for 2021
New for 2021
New for 2021
New for 2021
New for 2021
New for 2021
New for 2021
New for 2021
An elegant glass bauble decorated with silver glitter hearts. Complete with silver cap and organza ribbon hanger.
# 37652
A stunning pink bauble, decorated with an ornate gold and pink glitter pattern. Complete with sequins.
# 49533
A stunning silver glass bauble with an ornate cascading design featuring sequins, glitter and beads in a chandelier drop
# 49534
A glamorous and beautifully detailed glass bauble with cascading sequins and silver gems.
# 42710
A chic glass bauble filled with white feathers and sparkling LED lights.
# 43350
New for 2021
New for 2021
Stunning glass baubles in assorted jewel colours. Complete with jewel sequins and elegant gold glitter patterns.
# 50395
An ornate glass bauble with a mottled antique finish, decorated with an intricate glitter and sequin design.
# 34136
New for 2021
This classic red bauble is covered in shiny red sequins and is topped with a gold cap for hanging.
# 45324
Ornate hanging baubles with decorative glitter patterns and silver sequins.
# 44279
A stunning glass bauble adorned with shimmering pearls and silver sequins which cascade down the edge.
# 48272
Beautiful jewel coloured baubles with a deep ridge and single gold trim.
# 49445
A luxury green bauble with an antique, mottled finish. Decorated with a colourful glitter peacock feather design.
# 49453
A glass bauble decorated with a traditional red and green glitter Christmas tree. Complete with gold detailing
# 49454
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